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Unique Inspection for ID Defects – Patented

Due to the characteristics of internal general corrosion, channeling corrosion, and general wall thinning (erosion), MFL ILI tools have limitations on detection and sizing. orcupine ILI solves that problem. Instead of no detection at wall or the detection of only deeper defects in an already corroded area, “true” internal wall mapping is obtained.

External Inspection to High Resolution
MFL Standards

Externally mounted MFL inspection tool for non-piggable pipelines such as tank farms, piers, refineries, chemical plants, as well as very short runs where ILI tool runs would not be cost-effective. Also an effective tool to precisely locate internal or mid-wall defects detected by ILI tools without removing pipe coating in the process of data prove up.


Embedded computer electronics and data management software advanced geometry tool to a high resolution level. The tool is designed to be used in the most challenging situations, to effectively detect and size deformations that can affect pipeline integrity or impede the passage of other tools.
High data sampling rates and special software features allow large variation of velocity with acceptable results, a must for typical compressed air propulsion used commonly in construction jobs. Accurate data allows new pipeline commissioning based on valid data.

High Resolution MFL 4” to 60” capabilities

ILI tool drive section is the sealing unit that pulls the pig through the pipeline. All sizes of the ILI tool can accommodate multiple wall thickness in the same run.


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