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Launchers and Receivers Traps

Launchers and receivers traps are used to properly launch and receive pigs in the pipeline. The basic design consists of an oversized barrel, a reducer to mate to existing pipe, and closure door for access, as well as other connections for components.


Closures allow access to a launcher, receiver or main pipeline. They are used in lieu of a flange to blind-flange arrangement. The two basic types are threaded and quick-opening and are available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings.

Pig Signallers

Pig Signallers are used to detect the passage of a pig. The two basic categories are intrusive and non-intrusive. An intrusive signaller is permanently attached to the pipe and is equipped with a probe that intrudes into the pipeline.
The non-intrusive types does not intrude into the pipeline and is either magnetic, transmitter/receiver, or ultrasonic.
Detectors Pig Signallers can be equipped with electric signals to control the functioning of valves, pumps, and compressors.

Pig Trackers and Pingers

Pig Trackers and Pingers are used to track pigs during pigging operations. Operators are able to physically walk the line and pickup the signal emitted by the transmitter. The difference between trackers and pingers is that transmitters are equipped with on/off switch and pingers are activated once they come in contact with liquid.

Pigging Valves

We offer an economical alternative to conventional launchers and receivers. Available in sizes from 2” and above, it is capable of launching and receiving foam, steel and solid-cast pigs in both cylindrical and spherical shapes. They are designed for use as end-of-line units or within closed-loop systems.

Other features include: shut-off style design with upstream sealing seat or bypass design, automatic body cavity venting downstream, wide range of fluid compatibility, double block-and-bleed, body drain and vent, and lockable stop plate in “open” or “closed” position. The valve is a cost-effective, safe and easy-to-use launcher and receiver for any pigging operation.

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