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Foam Pigs

We provide foam pigs in many styles and sizes ranging from 2” to 48” nominal pipe diameters for wiping, drying, batching, separating, scraping and cleaning of pipelines. Standard densities include two pounds, five pounds, and eight pounds per cubic foot as well as special densities for unique applications.

Steel Pigs

We also supply steel-mandrel pigs in sizes ranging from 2” to 48” nominal pipe diameter with configurations including standard cup, disc, conical, multi-disc, and articulated pigs. All of which can be fitted with wire brushes or paraffin-removal blades.

Solid Cast Pigs

Solid-cast pigs, which have the flexibility and easy handling of foam pigs, coupled with the ruggedness and excellent sealing capabilities of steel pigs, prove very efficient as general purpose pigs for batching, displacement and routine pigging applications. With the addition of brushes, they can also be used for cleaning operations.
Various configurations are available, including spherical, cup-type, and disc-type.

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Relevado de esfuerzos, Tratámientos térmicos, Recuperación de metales (Protección superficial en metales), Diágnostico y solución a la problemática de fallas en metales, Pruebas de hemerticidad, Pruebas no destructivas, Galvanizado.


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